About Dan

My 20-year career spans across several areas of technology including mobile, web and software application development. I strive for subtlety, elegance, and balance of design, technology for the end user where the User Experience (UX) is the brand. I am also a professor at the Parsons School of Art, Media and Technology at The New School and the Borough of Manhattan Community College.


Balancing creative ambitions with a knowledge of what can be done (in allotted time/budget) can determine if a project is a success or failure. I have always worked in the creative space and strive to achieve that harmony of design, technology, and business needs.


Knowledge of all aspects of a project helps get a project done in an effective manner. Resourcefulness is a valuable skill that I bring to a project. I will always find a way to get things done.


All aspects of a project are strategic. The toughest challenge is to remain focused on the needs of the user and clients goals. All work must have strong design principles and a clearly defined goal. Work should create delightful experiences that withstand the test of time.